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Alys’s work is experimental and develops and morphs into different things every day, she has created a mixture of works from sewing to creating sculptural work and has developed a wider skill set. Her sewing work has become works that put everything out on the table and create a vulnerability where there is no holding back within the practice, looking at the relationship that the shapes and forms she creates have to one another, they also have a Frankenstein feel to them where they are clumsily made, the sewed pieces unravelling slightly and the paint cracking, the thick black string creating a frame and an ever developing relationship to each shape.

Then in contrast you have the work that has come later where she has developed further into her practice and started to open up and push outside the walls of her very comfortable four walled textile and oil paint house into a more stripped back way of working. She focuses on opposite materials such as gold leaf and plastic and combines them. They are lighter, less busy and do not reveal all. They still incorporate the clumsy processes but not in a literal way. They focus on how a plastic bag or an ordinary day to day object can become valuable and mean something because they have this materialistic personality to them which attracts people, also she delves into the feeling of luxury with day to day pound land bought objects.

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