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A bit about me

Alys Bagilhole 

Born in Wales.

Lives & works in London


 At the moment i am a full time student living in London Developing my skills and getting myself ready for adult life after my degree, figuring out what i am going to do with my life after being in a uni bubble. I'm in my third year now which is fairly daunting but anyway a bit more about me because its all about me on here. 

I have been raised around art it is the thing i have wanted to do since i was little, It always will be the constant thing in my life. My father was a brilliant artist and i can only hope and dream to be as good as him, i will be forever grateful to him for giving me this talent so thank you Mr.Robin Bagilhole.

I have lived in Wales all my life in a little town before i came to London, it was a culture shock to say the least but it has made me a better artist, so go on click have a little browse and a nosy, I  hope you enjoy my work. 

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